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Philip Powell

Cars from the 1950′s are known for their flashy colours and acres of chrome. Philip admits the designs are exaggerated, with an excess of everything, but says there’s a reason for it. Here he comments on an era of cultural change, its cars, and why many people are still attracted to them today.

Nigel Matthews

The Heine-Velox Victoria was, in 1921, the most expensive car in the world. Part of the reason for the extravagant price, as Nigel explains, is that the Heine Velox was also one of the most advanced cars, technologically. It was, quite simply, way ahead of its time.

Tony Whitney

Not so long ago Philip tested the first Lexus IS for About.com but felt it came up short compared to its European rivals. Now Tony tests the new Lexus 2014 IS and says it has narrowed the gap and matches the competition.


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In this edition: Philip recalls a 1978 drive to Monaco and Tuscany in a Ferrari 400 GT, where the car came out a little worse for wear; Nigel looks at Volvo’s first car; and, Tony test drives a popular convertible – the 2015 Volkswagen Beetle. We take a look at last weekends Canadian Concours d’Elegance held at VanDusen Garedens in Vancouver.

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Supercar Weekend and the Canadian Concours d’Elegance at VanDusen Gardens in Vancouver September 6 & 7th. This has to be one of the best shows in Canada for the quality of cars and great hospitality.