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Philip Powell

The VW 1500 could have been the Beetle’s replacement. Instead it became a companion car, incorporating the best Volkswagen virtues with some new ideas. As Philip reminds us, the 1500 sold moderately well but another thirteen years would pass before the the real successor came along.

Nigel Matthews

The worst insult you can hurl at a car is to compare it with the Edsel. So when Nigel describes the Allegro as a British Edsel is he hitting below the belt? 5th best-seller, starred in TV classics, 70s icon? Was it really that bad? It’s just been declared Britain’s worst car by an online motoring magazine.

Tony Whitney

A car listing under $10,000 is amazing these days but Tony’s test drive reveals that the new Nissan Micra is an amazing little car. Tony drove the Micra in heavy traffic every day for a week for just $17.00 in gas. And had fun doing so.


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In this edition, Philip looks at the Volkswagen 1500, which he had a special connection with, and Nigel shows us “Britain’s worst car”. Tony has taken the week off, so we filled his spot with a video of a very special car delivery.

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The Crescent beach Concours d’Elegance was held on August 30 at Blackie Spit park and provided an scenic seaside venue for some spectacular cars and Motorcycles.